Have you ever found yourself stretching out a bit thin?  I think when it comes to social media, I have a tendency to do that in mass.  Here are some of the examples of  my digital media pan out.


Caucasian artist working in studio : Stock Photo



Little girl shopping in supermarket with mom : Stock Photo



Woman's hand placing dollar bill into collection box filled with money, studio shot : Stock Photo


Other ones I spend way too much time on

Young woman peering inside laptop screen : Stock Photo

  • Tumblr (artsiesteph), Instagram (stephanie_russell_art and artsiestephlife), and twitter (@ArtsieSteph and @ArtsieStephArt), and ChristianChat (ArtsieSteph).

So yeah.  I have a problem with going on the internet waaaaaaaaay too much. Heck I didn’t even mention all the time I spend watching videos on YouTube…


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