I've noticed in the past few weeks I've been tired a lot, as well as going to bed exceedingly early. Like 8 pm while the sun is still out early. Could it be that I'm sleeping too much? Or am I just…lazy?

I know the real answer is that I'm unhealthy. My breakfasts tend to be sugar based which makes me tired, and I don't exercise often enough to get myself energized for doing things. Also my meds tend to have a groggy after effect, so it's kind of amazing that I do anything at all.

That being said…how do you keep up your energy? When your job is home and sometimes just sitting and chilling with your family member….how do you cheer them up if you're face first in the couch arm? That's more a rhetorical question, but I am curious if any other caregivers out there know. Again, I know the obvious is to do more housework and things….but sadly I seem to find my attention span for chores to be…limited.

Also perhaps I'm sleeping too much. I sleep usually from 8:30pm to about 6:30am or so, so that's….jeez like 10 hours. I know the recommended is 6 but I've never been able to do that. But maybe I should pair it down to 8? Hmm…

Anyhow. Thank you for listening to me ramble, in an ironic twist I'm going to bed now.


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