I can honestly say that, to the "normal" 26 year old woman that my life is boring. And I like it that way. If I'm completely honest, it's sort of like an introvert's paradise.

Yesterday dad had his chemo, so for the next three or so days my job is to be at his side. This equates to staying home in my pjs, in the air condition during a 104 degree Arizona day, watching Netflix on the armchair in his room. I can work on art, make blog posts, drink tea, and generally laze about to my heart's desire. That is unless company comes, at which case I vacate the armchair and can do little chores around the house but basically continue to do the same thing.

On my "active" days, I cook, clean, and continue to be on the computer basically all day. Maybe I go out to Sprouts for more supplies.

Then I watch YouTube and I laugh, physically laugh, at the stories that those my age regale. I laugh because I could literally never handle a non-God related world, especially in the romantic sphere.

"Oh, I had this disaster date," "Oh, this guy followed me home while I walked down the street at 3am," "Oh, this girl passed out on my couch covered in her own vomit and I had to carry her into the cab"….like how? And the craziest thing?! People go to work the next day. I could never imagine going to bed at 3am, having to go to work at 7am, massive hangover, possibly still slightly drunk from the night before…

I'll take my lactose free chocolate ice cream and bed by 8pm thank you.


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