So God laid it on my heart to do a little “fast” of my time on the internet just a few minutes during the day for a week.  And during that I’ve been making sure to read my Bible, which nowadays a very rarely have done to my shame, and one thing I think God had me look at was Psalms 124.

It talks about Israel saying soon that, if God hadn’t been their refuge, then they would have completely overwhelmed.  Not just like physically by men who wanted to hurt them, but it spoke about the rivers overtaking their souls.  That got me thinking, like how do people even go through some of the things they go through without God?

I mean the morbid answer is some of them don’t, but I’m not gonna think of that part.

It just makes me so incredibly thankful.  Thankful for all I have, but especially that God has been here for me.  Not just with dad’s cancer, but with my own personal battles with mental health.  There were times I legitimately thought I was gonna have to be put into a hospital, but through all of it God was with me, and gave me my parents as huge supports.  Along with all my church family.

I know it’s kinda rambly and short but, I just can never say how truly thankful I am.



3 thoughts on “A thought about Pslams 124

  1. I think you expressed it perfectly. It wasn’t too short or too long, just right. The feeling of gratitude and love that you have for God, reads through. I don’t know where I would be without Him either. Some where miserable and still suffering, for sure. :):) God bless you.

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