So it’s just me and mama now, and at times things have been trying for her given some of my…um….deficiencies.

Despite this I feel like me and mom are starting to sort of relax a bit more from all the stress of daddy’s condition….

But also, I’ve been at my new job a whole month now!! It’s amazing how quickly it’s gone by. We sell epic software that works with CorelDRAW, and makes noobs like me able to make stuff like this.

I still wanna shirt of this.

I feel kinda like I’m finally becoming an “adult” with this job. My parents both working at desk jobs, I was more than ecstatic to be given my own space. And decorate it with geek things!!

All of my coworkers are so funny and good natured, I honestly love it.

Hmmm what else…..?

Oh! I restarted Pokémon go again. I love it and I love the RPGness of it.

Also I was able to make this little poster of me and Blainy. Yay


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